Commenting Rules

As I have mentioned before, I do not really have time to moderate comments. I prefer for this to be a site of open-minded questioning and answers. However, often this is not possible due to internet trolls and people who have particular theological axes to grind. This has in the past caused me to close comments entirely, often for years at a time.

At the request of (many) readers, I have decided to open these up. However, this comes with assuming that all comments will abide by some simple, basic rules. If you fail to abide by these rules, your comment(s) will be deleted and you may be banned from the site.

Don't like it? No problem...don't comment. :)  It's my blog, I make the rules.

Reboot Commenting Rules

  1. Don't be a jerk.  I have plenty to do in my life without spending time dealing with jerks on my blog. Feel free to question things and debate/discuss topics, but I will only allow it if people remain cool, calm, and collected. I believe the person who will be reading your comment is a loved child created in the image of the Eternal God...treat them with the dignity that such a position deserves. Either conduct your business with kindness, or go play somewhere else.  Corollary 1a:  Don't violate Godwin's Law. If you call someone a Nazi or compare them to Hitler, you are banned. That is jerkitude level 100.
  2. Stick to the topic at hand.  Few things annoy me more than tangential rants. If you want a soapbox, go write on your own blog/twitter/tumblr/facebook/bathroom stall wall. If I wrote something, it is because I thought about it, considered it, wrote it, edited it, and decided to post it. That means I want to discuss IT. Not something that is only kinda-sorta related.
  3. No profanity is allowed. And yes, this includes if you post profanity while using asterisks instead of letters.
  4. Ask yourself:  is this blog the right place to have this discussion?  This is a blog for Christians, aimed at refocusing the Church on its original goals of the apostles. If you are an atheist who wants to argue that God doesn't exist or against the validity of the Scriptures, you're probably in the wrong place. Unless my topic is specifically about that, you really shouldn't comment. If you do, I will gladly redirect you to one of the many thousands of sites that address exactly those topics. Go to theologyweb, for example, and argue to your heart's content.
  5. Be open-minded.  I hope you will find my articles open-minded (at least within the scope of #4), and I ask that commenters be open-minded as well. If you are just here to shout your opinions and not to engage in honest open-minded discussion, then you are out of luck.
  6. Actually read it before you comment--twice if you are mad.  Much of the time, people who get themselves in commenting trouble on my site do so because they read about the first third of what I wrote, skimmed the rest (if that), and then jumped to the bottom to start angrily pounding on the keys. Don't be that guy. Read it at least once all the way through before you comment--and twice if you are mad. Oftentimes people are actually arguing against what they think I said instead of what I actually said.
  7. No links to external sites.  If you want to post a link, email me first to ask permission so I can check it out. Studies indicate that more viruses spread on religious websites than on all porn sites added together, because of lax security rules. If you didn't ask, and post a link, I WILL delete your post immediately.

Follow these simple rules, and all will be well with you. 



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  2. In the Orthodox Church of Canada Herald this month of August 2015, they have published a story on the Bystander Effect from your blog that I cannot find I'd like to give credit and tell people on the "Ask about the Orthodox Faith"
    Facebook Group about this well-written article. Would you please confirm it comes from this site?

  3. FYI - Steve Finnel (sp?) - I just deleted your comment because it violates several of our commenting rules. On the page about commenting rules. Please read.