About Us

RebootChristianity's Mission

This blog is an attempt to re-focus the modern Christian on our core values. Much of the modern Church argues over minor theological differences; focuses on increasing our numbers rather than our spirituality; cares more about the style of worship than its substance; and installs and enforces new "Christian" laws, instead of embracing our freedom from the Mosaic Law.

Just like a malfunctioning computer, we need to "reboot" - to eliminate all of the theological viruses and modern issues that have arisen in the Church, and return back to our historic core principles. I chose the term "reboot" purposefully: a reboot does not erase the data that we have stored in memory:  it does not change the basic operating system of the computer. A reboot does, however, reset the volatile aspects of a computer back to its original state; it lets the corrupted operating files go away.

My prayer is that you will find this blog always to be thought-provoking, always to be edifying, and (most importantly) always to be filled with the merciful love and acceptance of God's grace.

Michael Belote, Founder/Head Writer

Michael and his youngest son, Ryan
Michael Belote founded RebootChristianity in 2008 out of a growing frustration with the highly-politicized and doctrinally polemical approach common to modern evangelical Christianity. Michael has a strong heart for the unity of Jesus' disciples, and is frustrated by the infighting within the Body of Christ. He is an Elder at Grace Church in Little Rock (though the opinions expressed on this blog are his alone).

Michael is an engineer by trade, with Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Arkansas. He is the Global Director of Advanced Manufacturing for one of the world's largest wind energy companies.

Michael is happily married and the father of two wonderful and precocious sons. He has been writing about Christianity,  science fiction, and philosophy for years, including his debut book, Rise of the Time Lords: A Geek's Guide to Christianity

Doctrinal Statement

Our core value here at Reboot Christianity is that we focus on the essentials of Jesus' Gospel. On non-core doctrines, we give a great deal of flexibility of belief to our brothers and sisters. We believe in "unity without uniformity"--it is okay to disagree on age of the earth, Calvinism/Lutheranism/Arminianism, etc., but we have no hesitation in boldly sticking to the core doctrines of our faith. Following the early creeds of the Church, we identify our "core beliefs" as the twenty-five statements on The Essentials page. On everything else, we can agree to disagree.